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Well-Being Services

The aim of our services is to provide a personal response to your needs : 

. Massage Cocooning, 60 or 75 minutes - 60 or 70 €
This massage using natural oilsfavours reconciliation with your feelings enabling harmony between body and mind.
. Massage Vitality, 45 minutes - 50 €
This massage combines a tonic and deep touch in order to reduce body tensions due to stress and to help you regain your energy.
. Massage Light Legs - 30 minutes - 35 €
This massage is for all and particularly for our hiker friendsThe plant and essential oils used for this massage, aim to remove fatigue after a day of hiking in the hills. Its favour muscular recovery.
Harmonising Massage - 75 minutes - 90 €
This intuitve massage, inspired by the Mexican shamanique tradition, associates the energetic virtues of obsidian stones and the calming benefits of Aloe Vera. Firstly, the use of obsidian stones allow to release of energetic knots, and secondly, the manual massage with envelopping and rhythmical movements helps one to relax.
. Massage Anti Stress - from 10 to 20 minutes as requested - 1€/min
This massage is done fully dressed, in a sitting position on an ergonomic chair. It develops a beneficial relaxation of the backthe neck and arms. It is ideal after a long trip or for all those who have simply had enough !
. Relaxation throught movement - 60 minutes - 75 €
This technique provides suppleness, lightness and dynamism, thanks to gentle stretches and rhythmic movements. A foot, hand and head massage completes this deep relaxation harmoniously.
These manual techniques of "Well-Being" are in no way comparable to osteopathy of rehabilitation.